Legal Conditions

1. Name of Business Operator


2. Name of the person in charge of the project

Ms. Nanase Yamazaki

3. Address


559-62 Ishikawa, Sakura-city, Chiba Japan

4. Telephone number


5. E-mail address

6. Pricing for products and services

Prices displayed on the purchase page for each product or service

7. Expenses other than consideration

◎ Shipping fee

Inside of Japan:

Product purchase of 5000 yen or more: Free

Product purchase 5000 yen or less: 550 yen flat rate


It depends on each region and weight.

Overseas shipping costs shall be automatically calculated by our system for each weight at checkout.

East Asia (Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, Indonesia)

West Asia (India)

Oceania (Australia, NZ)


Middle East (UAE, Qatar, Oman)

North America (USA, Canada)

South America (Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Peru)


Other regions other than the above

8. Payment method and timing

(1) Payment method

Credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express), Google Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal, Shop pay

(2) Timing of payment

Simultaneous payment at the time of purchase on the product page.

・ Pre-order products (made-to-order products) are within the pre-order acceptance period.

・ For in-stock products, before the product is shipped

We will not ship items for which payment has not been confirmed.

9. Costs that the purchaser must bear

Local customs duties in the case of overseas shipment, local domestic consumption tax, inspection fee, etc.

As for customs duties, please pay the tax to be paid to the destination country by the purchaser.

Long-term storage costs due to non-delivery, etc.

Shipping costs for returns (except in case of defective products)

Various actual expenses incurred until the refund, such as remittance fees in the case of a refund (excluding defective products)

10. Time of delivery of goods or provision of services

About pre-order products (made-to-order products)

For pre-ordered products (made-to-order products), the Company shall set a deadline for each of the three phases: (1) order acceptance period, (2) production period, and (3) shipping period, and shall clearly indicate on the sales page.

Order acceptance period: Specify the maximum period for order acceptance.

However, if the number of orders reaches the production quantity without waiting for the deadline, the order will be closed.

Production period: The production period will be about 45~55 days after the order acceptance period ends and payment is confirmed. This is the period during which the quality can be guaranteed by the manual process by the craftsman.

Shipping period: After the production period ends, we will proceed to inspection and prescribed shipping procedures (including preparation of export customs clearance documents in the case of overseas shipping).

It will be shipped from us within one week from the end of the production period.

Delivery times vary depending on the location.

For international deliveries, air parcel services such as EMS and DHL Express are used.

About in-stock products

After payment is confirmed, we will ship within 2~3 business days.

11. Special Provisions for Cancellation, Returns, and Exchanges

(1) Cancellation:

In principle, we do not accept cancellations after the purchase procedure is completed. In case of an incorrect order, please contact us immediately by e-mail with details such as order number.

In addition, please note that we cannot accept cancellations for pre-order products after entering the production period.

For cancellations, please be sure to send a request to us by e-mail within the order acceptance period, and we will refund it as soon as it is approved.

In addition, the transfer fee, settlement fee, foreign exchange risk, etc. at that time will be borne by the purchaser.

(2) Returns:

We will not accept returns except in special circumstances such as defective products or fitting problems.

If you have a return request, please contact us by email within 7 days after the item arrives. After 7 days, we may not accept returns.

If there is a problem with the fitting, we will send you a coupon equal to the purchase price of the returned product as soon as we confirm the return of the good product from the purchaser.

The shipping fee for returning the product to the Company will be borne by the purchaser, except in the case of defective products.

In principle, refunds will not be made except in the case of defective products. In the event of other special circumstances in which a refund should be issued, we will only issue a refund if, after mutual consultation, we believe that the refund should be made.

Regarding the refund amount, except in cases caused by our defects such as product defects, the difference amount (calculated in Japan yen) after deducting the actual costs incurred until the refund date, such as shipping and handling fees, will be transferred to the purchaser.

(3) Exchange:

Since a one-of-a-kind kimono is used, it cannot be exchanged for the same pattern and kimono.

If there is a problem with the fitting, as with the above return method, as soon as we confirm the return of the good product from the purchaser, we will send you a coupon equal to the purchase price of the returned product. It will be exchanged by re-purchase with the coupon.

12. Operating environment

The operating environment and required specifications of the device required to use the product or enjoy the service are displayed on the purchase page.

13. other

For other products or services with special terms and conditions of sale or availability, the terms and conditions will be displayed on the respective purchase page.

Established on September 19, 2022